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Clients pay Annapolis Child and Family Therapy Center in Annapolis, Maryland directly or via the patient portal. All major credit cards, checks, and cash are accepted. I am happy to discuss the fee structure with you directly.


Our Psychologists are  “out-of-network” providers. We will work directly and confidentially with individuals, couples, and families to define their goals and to assess their progress. We do not participate in any insurance network because we feel strongly that third parties should not dictate the nature and duration of the therapy.

To find out what your insurance plan will reimburse you for, call them and ask the following questions: 

  • Do I have mental health benefits?
  • Does my plan have out-of-network benefits?
  • What does the company allow (“reasonable and customary”) for the following codes: 90834, 90847, and 90791?

  • How much does my plan cover for an out-of-network mental health provider?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?
  • Are there standardized forms I will need to submit for reimbursement? Where do I find them?

  • What is my annual deductible, and has it been met for this year?
  • When does my calendar year start?
  • How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover? 

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If your health insurance company offers out-of-network benefits, you should receive some reimbursement for the cost of my services. Most of my clients who receive reimbursement find that their insurance covers 50% to 75% of their session costs. In some instances, clients’ total cost per session is close to what they would be paying for a co-payment to an in-network provider.

We know that understanding insurance coverage and the reimbursement process can be challenging. I am happy to help guide you through this process. 

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